International Workshop on Hybrid Systems: Modeling, Simulation and Optimization

Objective of  Workshop

Hybrid systems are complex systems that exhibit discrete event as well as continuous time dynamics governed by differential and difference equations. Recent technological innovations have caused a considerable interest in the study of dynamical processes described by hybrid systems. Many systems in engineering and science can be considered as hybrid systems: continuous systems with phased operation (biological cell growth and division, walking robots), controlled by discrete logic (chemical plants with valves and pumps, thermostats, aircraft autopilot modes, automobile automatic transmissions), and coordinating processes (air and ground transportation systems, swarms of air vehicles).

Scope of  Workshop

The Workshop on Hybrid Systems Modeling, Simulation and Optimization will focus on the modeling, simulation, control and optimization of hybrid systems. The workshop will provide researchers working in the field of hybrid systems, PhD students and general postgraduate level audience an overview of the methods used and discussions on the recent developments.  The main aim is to identify emerging industrial issues and research opportunities in the area of Hybrid Systems.

The topics of the workshop are:

  • Discrete variational inequalities
  • Discrete events
  • Control
  • Optimization
  • Application in chemical engineering, systems biology, mechanical engineering