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General Moral Expectations from Students

Final grades will be determined as follows:

Project # 1 %5
Project # 2 %5
Project # 3 %5
Project # 4 %5
Project # 5 %10
Project # 6 %10
Project # 7 %10
Project # 8 %5
Project # 9 %10
Project # 10 %10
Project # 11 %10
Project # 12 %5
Technical paper Presentation %10


The course instructor may modify the grade percentages.


Projects are given in order to expose students to more complex problems, to give them a chance to build complete solutions to real-life cases, and to evaluate their abilities and knowledge. Students should be prepared to spend considerable time for preparing these projects.

All individual projects must be prepared by each student. The students can get help from the instructor or from the TA only.

Team project will be performed by a group of two or three students. An oral presentation and a written report will be required. Well done projects may also take the form of a research paper.

The projects will include basic software implementations of the relevant topics. All these projects require moderate to high level of programming skills. The students are suggested to write the codes in Matlab.

Formal project reports are required for all the projects. The students must submit their reports and programs electronically into a course directory.

It should be noted that all these projects are considered to be exams for this lecture. Therefore, the students are expected to obey all the moral and ethical rules of the examinations.

Research Article Presentation

Each student, individually, will be assigned a significant article in the areas of manufacturing, automation, machine tools and machining. The students are required to read, report and present them to the class in details.