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Scope and objectives            

 The main objective of MECH 542 is to expose the engineering graduate students to the multi-disciplinary and synergistic use of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering in order to design improved products and processes. The class is designed to equip the students with theoretical and practical knowledge to take on electro-mechanical design challenges that are available in most of the engineering applications in today’s world. The class uses the fundamentals of automation, precision engineering, control theory, sensor and actuator technology in order to solve the encountered problems in various engineering disciplines.The course covers computer integration of electro-mechanical systems, sensors and transducers, actuators, signal conditioning, interfacing, mixed dynamic systems modeling and simulations, data acquisition and instrumentation as well as real time process monitoring and control. In this class, both hardware and software issues are emphasized in detail. The lectures are also supported by students’ hands-on experiments and projects.                                    Homeworks                                                                                                                           Homeworks are given in order to expose students to more complex problems, to give them a chance to build complete solutions to real-life cases, and to evaluate their abilities and knowledge. Students should be prepared to spend considerable time for preparing these homeworks. All homeworks that are submitted for evaluation and grading should be the work that each student prepares alone. Working together, or showing on a finished homework how to do the job is disallowed.




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