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Prof. Dr. Ismail Lazoglu

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Koc University

Office: SNA Building, MARC Lab Phone: (212) 338-1587

E-mail: ilazoglu@ku.edu.tr

The Instructor office hour for this course is on TBD for Fall2020. This is the time students can come in to ask questions, to go over material they may have missed in class, to talk about any problems they may have with the course, etc. It is also possible to make an appointment for another time if the student is not able to come to the office hour.

KOLT Tutoring Hours:

BERATCAN ALTUNTAS: baltuntas17@ku.edu.tr

MONDAY 12.00-12.50

TUESDAY 10.00-10.50

WEDNESDAY 12.00-12.50


Teaching Assistants


In order to have an office hour with a TA, you must schedule it 2 days in advance by emailing the TA and requesting to have a session.

Omer Subasi

E-mail: osubasi16@ku.edu.tr

Office Hours: Friday 9:00-9:50


Atacan Oral

E-mail: aoral18@ku.edu.tr

Office Hours: Wednesday 9:00-9:50


Anjum Naeem Malik

E-mail: amalik17@ku.edu.tr

Office Hours: Thursday 13:00-13:5


Munam Arshad

E-mail: marshad18@ku.edu.tr

Office Hours: Monday 9:00-9:50


Berkay Demiryulek

E-mail: bdemiryulek14@ku.edu.tr

Office Hours: Tuesday 9:00-9:50


Denizhan Korkut

E-mail: dkorkut14@ku.edu.tr

Office Hours: Saturday 9:00-9:50


Orcun Tuncozgur

E-mail: otuncozgur19@ku.edu.tr

Office Hours: Sunday 10:00-10:50


Onur Nuri Catak

E-mail: ncatak14@ku.edu.tr

Office Hours: Monday 12:00-12:50


Pooya Pashak

E-mail: ppashak19@ku.edu.tr

Office Hours: Wednesday 17:00-17:50


Muhammad Uzair

E-mail: muzair19@ku.edu.tr

Office Hours: Friday 15:00-15:50


Burak Tosun

E-mail: btosun15@ku.edu.tr

Office Hours: Tuesday 11:00-11:50


Deniz Erdogan

E-mail: derdogan18@ku.edu.tr

Office Hours: Tuesday 16:00-16:50



If you have any quesitons related to website, please contact with osubasi16@ku.edu.tr



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