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  • Contact your responsible TAs and schedule a meeting to start your term projects!


    Term projects will be assigned to the students. The students are expected to complete the Computer aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) of relatively complex systems. Please talk with your friends and decide what you are planning to do. Each group should be consisted of 3 members.

    You can download the template of project proposal from following link:

    Download Project Proposal

    After filling the template, please send your proposal to aoral18@ku.edu.tr and write"MECH203 Project Group" to e-mail subject.




    Welcome to the MECH 2O3 Web page. Here you can find the class related materials.

    MECH 203 is a fundamental course in mechanical engineering education and it is targeting all mechanical engineering students at Koc University. It focuses on teaching the concepts, methods, techniques and skills on the creation and design of mechanical engineering parts and assemblies via computers.

    This course aims at preparing the engineering student to future courses where Computer Aided Design (CAD) is used as a tool to accomplish a given task. For this reason, students are required to learn CAD software such that they can create and design mechanical parts, products and assemblies. The CAD/CAM software utilized in this course is SIEMENS NX which has been highly used in various industries all around the world in the design and manufacturing of parts and products.


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