2nd Istanbul Design Theory, Graph Theory and Combinatorics Conference

June 27 - July 01, 2011



Invited Speakers:


Charles Colbourn, Arizona State University, USA

     - Combinatorial t-Restrictions

Jeff Dinitz, University of Vermont, USA

     - Constructions for Retransmission Permutation Arrays

Ales Drapal, Charles University, Czech Republic                                    

     - Spherical and Toroidal Latin Bitrades

Saad El-Zanati, Illinois State University, USA  

    - On Some Recent Progress on Rosa-Type Labelings                                      

Alan Ling, University of Vermont, USA                                                

   - Asymptotic Existence of Combinatorial Designs

Spyros Magliveras, Florida Atlantic University, USA         

   - Resolutions of t-designs, orthogonality and group-theoretic constructions

Carsten Thomassen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

    -The Weak 3-Flow Conjecture and Graph Decomposition












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