2nd Istanbul Design Theory, Graph Theory and Combinatorics Conference

June 27 - July 01, 2011





The dormitories and the Henry Ford Guest House will be available for accommodating the participants of 2nd Istanbul Design Theory, Graph Theory and Combinatorics Conference.

"A class" rooms have single and double rooms where each room has its private bathroom. However, the number of these roomsespecially the number of single rooms are very limited and they will be assigned on a first come first served basis after the registration. These rooms are air-conditioned and there is a cable TV and a mini-bar in each of these rooms.

"B class" rooms are single, double or quadruple occupancy rooms where one bathroom facility (with two toilets and two showers) is shared among four rooms.

All buildings have computers and televisions in the lounges.

Telephone, wireless and cable internet access is available in each room.

When we receive your registration form, we will make reservations to the accommodation of your choice. You do not need to make any further arrangements with the Fuat Pasha hotel or campus dormitories.


Class                      Room Type                         Price per night per person

A                            Single occupancy                             43 Euro  

A                            Double occupancy                           30 Euro

B                            Single occupancy                             25 Euro

B                            Double occupancy                           22 Euro

B                            Quadruple occupancy                      15 Euro


All room prices given above include open buffet breakfast.


Rooms at Fuat Pasha Hotel are all booked!

Another accommodation possibility is Fuat Pasha Hotel which is 15 minutes drive from Koç University campus. If enough participants choose to stay at the hotel there will be a shuttle bus for the conference participants from the hotel to the campus every morning and from the campus to the hotel every evening.

Fuat Pasha Hotel is a 4-star waterfront hotel located by the Bosphorus. For more information please refer to the web page of the hotel:



View                                    Room  Type                     Price per night per person (Conference only)

Street view                           Single occupancy                              50 Euro   ALL BOOKED!

Street view                           Double occupancy                            30 Euro   ALL BOOKED!

Bosphorus view                    Single occupancy                              75 Euro   ALL BOOKED!

Bosphorus view                    Double occupancy                            45 Euro   ALL BOOKED!


All room prices given below include open buffet breakfast.


Important Note: If you are planning to arrive earlier or/and leave Istanbul later than the conference days, we highly recommend you to stay your extra days in old downtown Istanbul (Sultanahmet and surrounding area). The campus of Koç University is outside metropolitan area and commute to and from University to old downtown may take up to 1.5 hours each way depending on the traffic. Most tourist attractions are walking distance to Sultanahmet area and there are many hotels and hostel suitable for every budget. You may use any international website to book your hotel. For example refer to www.expedia.com or www.tripadvisor.com.












Last Updated: April 12, 2011