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MECH 544/444 Robotics






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This course will introduce the fundamental concepts of modeling, control, sensing, and intelligence of robotic systems. The course will have two parts: a) robotic manipulators and b) mobile robots. In part (a), we will discuss forward and inverse kinematics, trajectory planning, dynamics, control, and programming of robotic manipulators. In part (b), we will study hardware components of mobile robots, visual and navigational sensors, pose estimation, navigation, and reasoning in mobile robots. Students will get hands-on experience by working with robotic arms and mobile robots in a laboratory environment.        


Instructor:                            Prof. Cagatay Basdogan
                                               Office: ENG-247
                                               Extension: 1721
                                               e-mail: cbasdogan@ku.edu.tr


Teaching Assistant            

Doganay Sirintuna

Office: ENG-259

Extension: 2637

e-mail: dsirintuna13@ku.edu.tr



Idil Ozdamar

Office: ENG-259

Extension: 2637

e-mail: iozdamar13@ku.edu.tr



Text:                                      Introduction to Robotics (primary text)                                    

John J. CRAIG , 3nd Edition, Prentice Hall 


                                               Ref: Computational Principles of Mobile Robotics
                                               Gregory DUDEK Micheal JENKIN, Cambridge


Lectures:                               Monday          11.30-12.45
                                               Wednesday     11.30-12.45


Exams:                                  One mid-term and one final exam will be given. The exams will be closed-book. One sheet (letter size, double-sided) notes/formulas will be permitted in the exams.


                                               MT-Exam       TBA

                                               Final Exam     TBA


Projects:                                There will be three projects in the course. In the first project, students will model the forward and inverse kinematics of a robotic manipulator. In the second project, they will develop a path planning algorithm in MATLAB to calculate and simulate the collision-free path of a robotic arm. In the third project, students will develop a PID controller such that a robotic arm follows a predefined trajectory.



                                               Project -I         15.0 %

                                               Project –II       15.0 %

Project –III      15.0 %

MT Exam       22.5 %

Final               22.5 %

Hws                10.0 %


Integrity:                               Academic honesty is expected of all students.
                                               Discussions between students are highly encouraged, but copying a homework or a code
                                               from others is strickly prohibited and will result in the failure in the course