Industry Collaborations

Contact Center Research Group         


Call centers, increasingly labeled as contact centers due to their enlarged role, are a vital channel of customer contact for business. This research group was established to study different aspects of this important delivery channel across sectors and functional specializations. Members of our group have looked at a wide array of call center design and management problems. Examples of these are outsourcing contract design, sizing and staffing, call routing, quantification of various performance measures, design of performance evaluation systems for call center staff, customer relationship management, call center customer satisfaction, call center cross-selling strategies and tactics, and customer segmentation. Earlier projects have involved call centers from different industries like mobile telecommunications and financial services. We have analyzed problems from a strategy, operations, engineering, and marketing perspective.

Our aim is to conduct state-of-the-art research in areas that are of relevance to the call center industry. We will pursue projects with call centers, and contribute to the objective of growing this sector in Turkey. By involving our students in some of these projects, we hope to increase awareness in future managers for this industry.